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Protecting your confidential files in the cloud is a top priority

That’s why we’ve developed advanced security controls, intelligent threat detection, and complete information management. But we know that your needs do not end there. Strict data privacy, information about the place of residence and industry Compliance? Check.


Your business depends on a large number of people working together, from team members to customers, partners and suppliers

Keep everyone on the same page in one place to facilitate collaboration on the most important content. After all, you should share files, not frustration. And you must rest assured that everything is safe.


Working on manual processes is wasting hours every day

That’s why we let anyone automate repetitive workflows that are critical to your business, such as HR implementation and contract and digital asset management. Workflows start to run faster. You have more time for what matters most. This is a win-win situation.

Datamenov has helped us save time and close more deals on a consistent basis.

The ability to easily keep track of our files, communication and happy emlpoyees have been a blessing for helping us to use our time and serve our customers more efficiently.

Cynthia Miller, Purity


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Standard Datamenov

Suitable for smaller teams of up to ten people. Additional apps, data loss protection, advanced search and much more!

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Perfect for teams bigger than ten people. Unlimited storage, watermarking, enhanced services and full-time support!

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